Geographie und Internet/Geography and Internet

Batty, Michael (1997): Virtual Geography.
nicht mehr online verfügbar/no longer available online
erschienen/published in: Futures. 29.4-5 (1997) 337-52

Basic thoughts about the impacts of computing and communication on geography
Dodge, Martin/Shiode, Narushige (1998): Where on Earth is the Internet?
Analysis of UK IP space
Ammann, Daniel (1999): Seefahrer und Abenteurer auf dem Globalen Datenmeer
Zook, Matthew (2001): Old Hierarchies or New Networks of Centrality? – The Global Geography of the Internet Content Market
Geographic analysis of domain names and supply/demand of Internet information
Johanson, Troels Degn (2000): Visualization in Cybergeography: Reconsidering Cartography's Concept of Visualization in Current User Centric Cybergeographic Cosmologies
Theoretical approach looking at the relationship between traditional geography and cybergeography.
Randow, Gero von (2000): Kartografen des Cyberspace (in: Die Zeit, Nr. 6/200)
Current issues of a new discipline called "Cybergeography", international research comparison

Virtueller Raum/Virtual Space

Hasse, Jürgen: Verschwindet der Raum? - Über veränderte Bedingungen der Wahrnehmung von Mit- und Umwelt

Internet Geschichte/History of the Internet

The Computer Museum History Center
Nice illustration of the Internet history.
Internet FAQ Consortium
Internet Request For Comments (RFC) archive. Original documents from the " Internet founding fathers".
Bush, Vannevar (1945): As we may think
The first thoughts on knowledge management. The birth of the Hypertext idea.
Berners-Lee, Tim (1989/1990): Information Management: A Proposal
"This document was an attempt to persuade CERN management that a global hypertext system was in CERN's interests "
Cerf, Vinton (1993): How the Internet came to be
Bellovin, Steven (1994): USENET - The Great Renaming 1985-1988
Cailliau, Robert (1994): A little history of the World Wide Web
Federal Networking Council (FNC) (1995): Definition of "Internet"
Cerf, Vinton (1997): IETF and ISOC
History of the "Internet Society" and the "Internet Engineering Task Force"
PBS (1998): Internet Timeline
Cerf, Vinton and others (1998): A Brief History of the Internet
Gromov, Gregory R. (1998): The Roads and Crossroads of Internet History
Berners-Lee, Tim (1999): Press FAQ
Collection of press FAQ
Howe, Walt (1999): A Brief History of the Internet
"When Senator Ted Kennedy heard in 1968 that BBN had won the ARPA contract for an "interface message processor (IMP)," he sent a congratulatory telegram to BBN for their ecumenical spirit in winning the "interfaith message processor" contract." - More of that on Walt Howe's page.
H'obbes' Zakon, Robert (2000): Hobbes' Internet Timeline

Forschungseinrichtungen/research institutions

Atlas of Cyberspaces
CAIDA - Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis
CASA - Center for Advanced Spatial Analysis
Collection of Internet statistics
MIDS - Matrix Information and Directory Service
NCGIA - National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis

Länderanalysen/National Studies

Internet Assigned Numbers Authority: Root-Zone Whois Information
Index of Top-Level-Domains with further information

Internet und Statistik/Internet and Statistics

Virtuelle Städte/Virtual Cities

Batty, Michael: The Computable City Paper
Using computers and the Internet for urban planning
Lévy, Pierre: Städte, Territorien, Cyberspace
Influence of new telecommunication technologies on urban life
Münker, Stefan: Virtuelle Räume und reale Erfahrung Stefan Münker im Gespräch mit Edouard Bannwart
Cyber Cities and physical space
Smith, Andy/Dodge, Martin/Doyle, Simon: Virtual Cities on the World Wide Web - Towards a Virtual City Information System

Zugangsdisparitäten/Digital Divide

Alterman, John B.: How World-Wide is the Web?
online nicht mehr verfügbar/no longer available online
Article about a Jordan Internet Service Provider
U.S. Department of Commerce (1999): Falling through the Net: Defining the Digital Divide
Vehovar,Vasja/Batagelj, Zenel/Lozar, Katja (1999): Language as a Barrier

Internet Technologie/Internet Technology
Provides information on Internet technology and Internet history
Provides answers to almost every question on Internet technology
Cerf, Vinton (1997): Computer Networking: Global Infrastructure for the 21st Century
CAIDA (1998): How much of the Internet address space is used?
Semeria, Chuck (2000): Understanding IP Addressing: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know
Detailed explanation of IP Addressing
Hajnal, Russ (2000): The Information Navigators
Background information on Internet technology easily explained

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