When I started to work on this topic some people had difficulties seeing the relationship between geography and the Internet although it is rather simple. One can already find parallels between geography and the Internet considering the language that is used to describe the Internet. If you came across this site using Netscape's NAVIGATOR or Microsoft's Internet EXPLORER, you are using an elementary tool, whose name comes from the terminology of ancientexpeditions.
Also terms like virtual space, Cybercities or Global Village are in part used in geographic context.

How can these similarities be explained?

I tried to answer this question in my M.A. thesis "The Interrelation of Human Geography and the Internet". On this site I will present the results of my work. Let me also refer to a former site I created together with a fellow student and which still can be found on the server of the University of Freiburg i.Br. The website is about how "real" virtual cities are or can be. You can find the pages at (but it is not translated into English).
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